Teachers’ protest


THERE is a strong resentment in employees of various public sector departments about superfluous policies of present government under the pretext of reforms. It was the first time in last many years that no increase was given to employees in salaries in the budget 2020-21 and now a campaign has been started to axe employees from different departments including PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills and so on.
Saturday saw up to seven hundred teachers from Punjab protesting in the federal capital against the new regularisation policy. As the protestors marched towards Banigala residence of the Prime Minister, police arrested dozens of teachers after resorting to baton charge and tear gas. Such steps are not bringing good name to PTI government rather further denting its low and fragile image and that not augurs well for it especially when opposition parties are also on the roads. Given the sacredness of teaching profession, use of force against them is condemnable and police must offer sincere apology to teachers over this act. Those arrested must be released immediately and Punjab government should immediately hold dialogue with teachers to address their genuine concerns. We would suggest that government comes up with a clear policy on regularisation of teachers as well as employees of other organisations who have been serving on contract basis over last many years. This scourge of adhoc system adopted by PTI government must come to an end if we really want to bring improvement in the working of government departments.