Teacher, student relationship beautiful pillar of human life


Professor Mohammad Iqbal Tareen of Balochistan University has said that the relationship between teacher and student was the beautiful pillar of hu-man life, a pillar that give meaning to life with beautiful colors.

He expressed these views in his message on the occasion of International Teachers’ Day here.

Professor Mohammad Iqbal Tareen said”A good teacher takes the student to the heights of good mor-als and confidence.

He plays an important role in recognizing the student’s psychology and self-character.” “Teacher, in any society is considered to be the asset of nation, a sign of respect and identity and a treasure of knowledge that they transmit from one generation to next generation,” he said.

Recalling the role paid by teachers for constructive society, he said” Teachers are those who always strive to transmit knowledge by encapsulating eve-rything in the students.” “The example of a teacher is like a well of knowledge, the student who drinks water from that well raises his character to the high-est level,”

Stressing the need for mutual understanding, Profes-sor Iqbal said”Success in the educational process is not possible without the mutual relationship be-tween the teacher and the student.”

“Both teacher and student are vehicles that have two wheels, if even one of them fails, the vehicle cannot be driven,” Therefore, both should be aware of their duties and responsibilities and should perform them well. He further said” Whether the teacher is a man or a woman, for centuries they are considered to be as respectable as parents.”

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