TDCP to promote tourism at Koh-e-Sulemanki

Observer Report

Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab is going to develop five new recreational sites at Koh-e-Sulemanki DG Khan division with an objective to promote tourism.

According to Deputy manager TDCP DG Khan division, Sheikh Ijaz, the new five recreational sites included Bharti, Mut Chandia, Mubarki top, Yak Bai and Gulki at Koh-e-Sulemanki area would attract the tourists. He said that the sheds, benches, canteen and parking area would be built there.

He further informed that the height of two sites Mubarki top and Yak Bai was more than the Fort Munro and there would also be snow falling at these areas in December and January.

Mr Ijaz said that the each site was consisted on four kanals land while security guards would be deputed there regarding security arrangements.

Similarly, the TDCP hotel consisted on 16 kanals land at Fort Munro was outsourced in Rs 4.2 million per annum on 20 years lease after completion of missing facilities.

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