TDC to expand its operations in Sahiwal


The Diabetes Centre (TDC), Pakistan’s first diabetes and multidisciplinary hospital in a bid to expand its operations has planned a groundbreaking ceremony of a massive hospital in Sahiwal on 6th of January, 2023. The hospital shall be built on 8 Kanal of land donated by a Pakistani Australian, Chaudhry Mustafa, resident of Wollongong.

TDC Sahiwal hospital shall be first of its kind catering large population of Punjab. Giving details of project, Chairman, The Diabetes Centre while speaking to a section of press said that TDC is a registered charity in Pakistan, UK, USA and in Australia. ‘Funds have been raised by Hospital’s Australian Chapter headed by a renowned Senior Nephrologist, Dr Asrar H Khan in various fund-raising events held in Australia’.

While highlighting the need to provide treatment of diabetes across Pakistan, Dr Asjad Hameed expressed his stern resolve to expand TDC’s operations to various regions of country so that people can get awareness and treatment at earliest.

‘Diabetes has a trickle-down effect. It is deadly if left untreated and can play havoc to a human body affecting major organs as heart, kidneys, eyes, liver and limbs. In worst case scenario, amputation is the only way out which is indeed sad for the patient and his or her family’ Dr Asjad Hameed said.

While concluding he said TDC main hospital situated at Barakahu Islamabad has saved hundred and thousand of people from amputations and dying early deaths through awareness and world class treatment.—NNI