Targeted operations in Balochistan



TEN terrorists were killed on Wednesday after security forces conducted an operation to “apprehend externally sponsored enemies of peace in Balochistan”.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), security forces conducted the operation based on information regarding the presence of the terrorists’ camp and hideout in the province’s Hoshab area.

Those killed in the exchange of fire were involved in recent firing incidents and attacks on security forces in Turbat and Pasni.

Targeted, intelligence based operations in Balochistan had become a necessity after foreign-sponsored misguided elements launched repeated daredevil attacks against security forces in different parts of the province.

There is no doubt that some foreign powers were fully involved in creating a law and order situation in Balochistan in view of its strategic importance and key projects that are underway as part of the programme to bring about a socio-economic transformation in the province.

The militants have constantly been targeting developmental projects, manpower (especially foreigners) working on them and infrastructure facilities which makes it abundantly clear that they were enemies of progress and development and want to keep the people of Balochistan backward.

Law-enforcing agencies deserve credit for launching successful operations against these elements but it is understood that they face daunting challenges as the province is spread over a large area.

In this backdrop, intelligence based operations are the surest way to deal with the trouble-makers and the process of intelligence gathering can improve a lot if an effective media campaign is launched to expose designs of the militants and their foreign sponsors.

People of Balochistan need to be sensitized about the threat being posed by these elements as cooperation of the citizens would make a real difference in eliminating the terrorists.

As it is not advisable to use services of the defenceforces for maintenance of law and order for a long time, it is the responsibility of the provincial government to improve governance with focus on proper training of the police force and aggressive interaction of the elected representatives with the local population.

Instead of governing from the drawing rooms and offices of Quetta, Ministers and MPs should be encouraged to undertake frequent visits to different areas, especially the problematic ones for meaningful interaction with the people.

Such a strategy can counter the negative propaganda being unleashed by some vested interests against the law-enforcing agencies and their operations.


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