Tank dwellers to have clean drinking water soon


The efforts of the district administration to provide all basic necessities of life to residents of the southern district of Tank mainly the potable water in line with the vision of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government have borne fruit.

According to the district administration, the KP government has released Rs 257 million for 25 drinking water supply schemes under the “Least Developed Districts Uplift Programme” to provide clean drinking water to urban and rural dwellers of the district.

“Provision of clean drinking water to residents figured high on the priority list of the district administration and the case was thoroughly pursued since I assumed the office, and today this long-standing demand of the area is going to be fulfilled as the required funds have been released for the supply of clean drinking water schemes,” Deputy Commissioner told media.

He said drilling work of all these schemes had been successfully completed and so far all sources were located in the sweet zone. He said that clean drinking water schemes were in progress in Gola/Naurang, Rodi Khel, Gara Shahbaz, Azami, Audal, Khanu, Toran, Sheran, Kot Kat, and New Abadi Gul Imam. He said the entire work was done in a transparent manner and an inspection committee has been constituted to verify work on the site and funds were released upon approval of a body that comprised relevant officials of the departments and assistant commissioners of the district administration.

Meanwhile, the district administration has expedited efforts to complete all the ongoing development projects within the scheduled timeline and in this regard assistant commissioners and other relevant officials have been mobilized to undertake visits on a daily basis and ensure quality and transparency. The district administration says a multi-pronged strategy was being pursued to accelerate the pace of development in the district which remained neglected for years.