Tally rises to 267 in current year 17 dengue cases across Punjab: Secy



Staff Reporter

All citizens should adopt special measures and keep their houses and surrounding clean to check growth of dengue larva.

The citizens should dumping garbage in open places o or in streets and do not let rainwater accumulate to help prevent Dengue.

The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has been making strenuous efforts to eradicate dengue larvae and curb the spread of dengue.

P&SH Secretary Imran Sikandar Baloch stated in a statement issued here on Sunday. He reviewed the current situation of Dengue in the whole province and directed the Department to intensify the dengue prevention activities across the Punjab.

In this regard, he appealed to take special care of cleanliness and no garbage should be thrown in open places, adding that monsoon rains have been going on and citizens should not let rainwater accumulate in their surroundings.

“Precautionary measures against Dengue are very important and citizens should be more responsible in preventing Dengue.”

During the last 24 hours, 17 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported across the province. Of the total case, 14 cases were reported in Lahore, 1 patient was reported from Rawalpindi, Hafizabad and Vehari.

So far this year, 267 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported from across the province while 207 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported from Lahore so far.

Out of which 2 confirmed patients of Dengue Services Hospital Lahore, 2 patients Gangaram Hospital Lahore, 2 patients Hameed Latif Hospital Lahore while Jinnah Hospital Lahore, Rangers Teaching Hospital Lahore, Central Park Hospital Lahore, National Hospital Lahore, Masood Hospital Lahore, Children Hospital Lahore 2 patients in DHQ Rawalpindi, DHQ Hassan Abdal and 1 single patient respectively admitted in Victoria Hospital.

The Department of Health is stepping up operations across the province to eradicate dengue larvae and stop breeding. In 24 hours, 448,160 indoor places and 108,174 outdoor places were checked across Punjab and larvae were destroyed from 1,417 places.

In Lahore, 71,054 indoor and 9,849 outdoor sites were checked for dengue larvae and a total of 908 positive containers were destroyed.

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