Talks with TTP


ACCORDING to media reports, Pakistani authorities and TTP representatives have expressed reservations over certain demands put forward by the opposite party in a meeting earlier this month but have decided to extend the current ceasefire for an indefinite time period.

In order to break the stalemate, however, both sides have agreed to continue holding the dialogue and have formed a three-member Committee, with representatives from each side, to iron out the differences.

These talks will be moderated by Haqqani Network chief Sirajuddin Haqqani. Details of the secret talks are not available but it is understood that there can be no compromise on the issue of establishing the writ of the state.

It is quite obvious that the law-enforcing agencies carried out a highly successful operation against the combined might of all terrorist groups forcing some of them to flee to neighbouring Afghanistan to seek refuge.

It is widely believed that the operation, which is still going on, has smashed complicated networks, trained, armed, supported and financed by some foreign agencies in their bid to weaken the State of Pakistan.

Our defence forces have the capability and will to eliminate the remnants of terrorism but understandably they cannot do so without active cooperation by the Taliban Government.

The Taliban leadership is on record having said repeatedly that it would not allow the use of Afghan soil against any other country but it is reluctant to move firmly against those who are mounting attacks inside Pakistan from Afghan territory.

TTP has only one choice – lay down arms and become part of the national mainstream as there can be no compromise with those who play with the life of the innocent people for questionable causes.