Talks on airport operations still ongoing: Ministry


The talks on running the technical operations of five major airports have yet to be finalized with Turkish and Qatari companies, said the Ministry of Trans-port and Civil Aviation (MoTCA).

A spokesman for MoTCA said the sides are discuss-ing the legal aspects of the contracts.

According to MoTCA, a technical team from Af-ghanistan recently visited Doha to hold talks, but the final decision has yet to be made.

“The technical team of the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation is still talking about handing over the technical activities of Kabul Airport with technical teams of Turkey and Qatar,” said Ima-muddin Ahmadi.

Economists believe signing contracts with foreign companies will boost the reliability of Afghan avia-tion and foreign airlines will resume flights.

“Handing over the technical operations of the Af-ghanistan airports to Turkey will boost the confi-dence of international airlines to resume flights and it will also pave the ground for 24/7 flights in Af-ghanistan,” said Shakir Yaqobi, an economist. The economists said resuming operations at the Afghan airport will increase the commercial flights, which will add to the country’s revenue from air space use.

“It is necessary for Afghan airports to host interna-tional flights–the Afghan air-corridors can be opened–which is important for economic develop-ment,” said Basheer Basheer, an economist. The major international airlines halted their flights to Afghanistan. Afghan passengers are currently forced to make multiple stops to reach their destinations.—TOLO


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