‘Taliban have not lived up to their commitments to Afghan people



15 months after the Taliban took control of the country, the situation in Afghanistan is “critical,” according to Fergus Eckersley, the UK Coordinator at the UN, who made this statement during a UN Arria formula Security Council meeting held on Thursday, November 17.

Eckersley drew attention to the Taliban’s persistent widespread infringement of fundamental human rights, particularly the group’s “systematic oppression” of women and girls, and he advocated a unified international response.

“The Taliban have not lived up to their commitments to the Afghan people,” Eckersley said.

The British official stated that the UK is the second largest donor to the UN’s Humanitarian Response plan and that the UK supports UN Security Council Resolution 2615, which ensures that the provision of essential relief is not impeded by sanctions.

“We have disbursed $319 million in humanitarian and development assistance last financial year – and committed a further $319 million this financial year,” Eckersley noted voicing concern over the impending “harsh winter” that could arise unprecedented levels of need.

The UK political coordinator at the UN said that the Taliban have placed “draconian measures” restricting women and girls’ freedom of movement and that Afghanistan is the only country that bars girls from attending school.

Neither a “serious” attempt at inclusive administration nor a sincere commitment to protecting minorities has been made by the Taliban, Eckersley expressed concern. “We are especially concerned at the risk of atrocity crimes against minorities such as the Hazara.”

This comes as the participants in the Moscow format consultations on Afghanistan unanimously called for the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.—Tolonews

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