Taliban forces arrest a boy and a girl for running away from home



A boy and an engaged girl from Kunduz province’s fifth district, in northern Afghanistan, have reportedly been arrested on charges of running away from home, according to the security officials of Taliban government in Kunduz province.

The spokesman for Kunduz police department said that Shabana, who was engaged to another person, and Parwiz, a resident of Mullah-Ghafoor street in Kunduz’s fourth district, fled their home four days ago for Balkh province before returning and being arrested in Kunduz province. According to Obaidullah Abedi, spokesman for the Kunduz police department, Parwiz who fled with engaged Shabana, have been arrested on Saturday, 16th July, and will be handed over to judicial bodies. According to the security officials in Kunduz province, two arrested have confessed and will be dealt with under Islamic Sharia, after investigations are concluded.

Afghan women have been subject to forced marriages, and domestic violence, and according to a report by Human Rights Watch, up to 70% of cases of “running away” from home are associated with fleeing forced marriage or domestic violence.—Khaama News Press Agency

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