Taliban disrupt Afghan women’s rally supporting Iran protests


A group of women in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, Thursday staged what was the first demonstration in support of protests in Iran before being forcefully dispersed by Taliban authorities.

The rally comes as nationwide protests continued in the neighboring country over the death of a young woman, Mahsa Amini, while in detention by morality police in Tehran for failing to properly cover her hair with a hijab.

Witnesses in Kabul said that about 30 female activists in headscarves gathered outside the Iranian embassy chanting, “Women, life, freedom” — slogans used during Iranian protests. They also held banners that read, “Iran has risen. Now it’s our turn!” and “From Kabul to Iran say no to dictatorship!”

Taliban security forces snatched and tore the banners before firing in the air to disperse the rally.

Organizers later said the demonstration was held to show “support and solidarity” with the Iranian people and the women in Afghanistan.

“We are sure that one day, our people will rise in the same way as the Iranian people,” said a protester who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Since returning to power a year ago, the Islamist Taliban have instructed women to cover their faces in public and told many female public sector employees to stay home.


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