Taliban appoint new chief of political office in Qatar



The Taliban (under UN sanctions over terrorist activities) have picked Suhail Shaheen, currently the permanent representative of the new Afghan government to the United Nations, to head their political office in Qatar’s Doha, the TOLO news broadcaster reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

Shaheen will succeed Abdul Ghani Baradar, who currently serves as the acting first deputy prime minister in the Afghan interim government. Despite the new appointment, Shaheen will keep his current post at the UN, the report said.

The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in the fall of 2021 and established an interim government led by Mohammad Hasan Akhund, a prominent member of the first Taliban cabinet. The new authorities have not yet been internationally recognized even though the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the country’s name used by the Taliban) was declared restored in December.

The movement has had its office in Doha since the early 2010s, originally designed for reconciliation talks with the US-backed ousted Afghan government.—Agencies


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