Suzuki Alto Installment Plans 2023


The ongoing economic turmoil drives cars away from Pakistanis who are now forced to pay additional money to get their hands on cars, even entry-level vehicles.

The huge depreciation of the Pakistani rupee and import curbs on raw materials drive a cumulative effect on vehicle prices that surged by up to a whopping 40 percent. Amid soaring prices, basic four-wheelers like Suzuki Alto, which are four middle-class people, become pricey.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) increased the price of Suzuki Alto and other vehicles multiple times over the last couple of months.

Suzuki Alto prices

The cheapest variant Suzuki Alto VX is available at Rs2,251,000, the price of the Alto VXR stands at Rs2,612,000, while Alto VXR AGS at Rs2,799,000 and Alto AGS at Rs2,935,000.

As the prices of cars touched the sky, several commercial banks are offering easy installment plans.

Installment Plan Breakdown

Suzuki Alto Price PKR 2,251,000
Down Payment (30%) PKR 675,300
Processing Fees PKR 8,700
Monthly Payment (5 years) PKR 37,850


Alfalah Auto Loan

With Alfalah Auto Loan, the carmaker offers easy installment plans. It required a down payment of 30 percent and five years of the installment plan.

Let it be known that the insurance amount needs to be paid for the first year.

  • Pre requites and other terms

Suzuki Bikes Installment Plan with zero markup 2023