Suspended patwari refuses to relinquish his charge


The Lahore district administration has failed to maintain its writ as a patwari who has been suspended two weeks ago over his alleged corruption is yet occupying the post.

According to the sources, Mouza Niaz Baig patwari namely Bashir Ahmad was suspended by Deputy Commissioner Lahore Muhammad Ali to investigate him in some corruption cases on Dec 2. Simultaneously, the DC Lahore posted another patwari, Khadim Hussain, in Mouza Niaz Baig and Shahpur in his place. However, the influential Bashir Ahmad refused to comply with the orders of suspension. He was ordered to relinquish the charge on Dec 6 but he has not yet left the charge. Bashir Ahmed first went into hiding, now instead of charging, he imposed a condition to pass the transfer of the properties, which he did. He is not willing to surrender his charge to the newly posted patwari despite the repeated efforts made by Khadim Hussain.

The sources further disclosed said that the revenue record of Mouza Niaz Baig is with Bashir Ahmad and he is issuing fard both in the back as well as present dates besides transferring the properties without any fear. The concerned Revenue Officer sent a factual report to the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Revenue regarding Mouza Niaz Baig. The report added that Patwari Bashir Ahmed had refused to release the charge. Even the higher officials seemed helpless on the illegal actions of Patwari.