Suspended cops linked with criminals elements



The police department’s double standard with its own employees has come to the fore, with policemen suspended during a recent purge against corruption.

Many policemen, including some Station House Officers (SHOs), were suspended on the report of the Special Branch, the intelligence wing of the police about two months ago, they said requesting anonymity fearing reprisal by senior officers.

As per report these cops had links with criminal elements. While the suspended SHOs were reinstated and also managed to get postings in police stations, many officials including constables and head constables were still waiting for the inquiry reports.

Sources further said that the politically well-connected officials got away clean in inquiries though the world knows about their misdeeds.On the other hand, there are still many constables and head constables who are still suspended.

Even after two months, their inquiry reports are not being completed and obstacles are being put in their way.

Many of these suspended officials told The Express Tribune that whenever they ask about the inquiry report, the officers concerned make one or the other excuse.

They appealed to Sindh IGP Mushtaq Mehar and Additional IG Karachi Imran Yaqub Minhas to play their role for restoration of their service as soon as possible.


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