Surge in e-commerce sales boosts postal services demand


E-commerce sales is an emerging tool which has massively accelerated the growth of e-commerce up to 77 percent in a number of countries amid Covid 19 scenario.

A report issued by Universal Postal Union (UPU) Direct Marketing Advisory board (DMAB) titled “Covid-19, Posts and Direct Marketing”, stated that online shopping is also expected to be the new norm in the post-Covid world where the unparalleled growth of e-commerce would certainly disrupt national and international retail frameworks.

Across the world, posts are reporting double digit growth in e-commerce transactions and delivery through the postal network.

The international light-logistics growth rate calculated by the UPU showed that cross-border exchanges worldwide have dropped by 21 percent since April 2020, which saw the outbreak of the crisis for all mail classes (letters, parcels and express). —APP