Suicide attempts of Indian soldiers deployed in IIOJK | By M Zeeshan Chaudhry


Suicide attempts of Indian soldiers deployed in IIOJK

THE caterwaul of Indian media over the increasing wave of indigenous movement for independence in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian government has started trampling the resolve of Kashmiri youth under the boots of the Indian Army but all went in vain because the efforts of the Indian government to quench the fire on media by accelerating the operation in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir proved to be futile.

The suicide attempts of Indian soldiers deployed in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and their videos containing the quandaries and miseries being faced by the Indian Army have exposed the poor administrative structure of the Indian Army.

The so-called claims of being the largest democracy in the world have to bite the dust since the video of Tej Bahadur, an annoyed Indian Army personnel has come to the surface.

The level of frustration and desperation of Indian military personnel has increased to this level that senior commanders of the Indian Air Force have committed a suicide attempt a few months ago.

These were the old stories of the on-duty death of Indian soldiers, currently; The trend of suicide among Indian military personnel is increasing.

According to Indian media reports, the trend of suicide among Indian forces is not stopping.

According to the latest reports, Ramdev Singh, a sub-inspector of the Border Security Force (BSF) posted on the Indo-Pak border, committed suicide on 25 July with his official gun.

Ramdev Singh was posted as a platoon commander on the Indo-Pak border and belonged to the twelfth battalion of the BSF.

This trend of suicide in Indian forces is gaining momentum due to unfavourable conditions, low salaries, and misbehaviour by higher authorities.

The Indian Defence Minister has admitted that 819 Indian military personnel committed suicide in the last five years.

There were 642 incidents of suicide in the Indian Army. 148 personnel of the Indian Air Force committed suicide while the number of personnel who committed suicide in the Indian Navy was 29.

The situation of the Indian soldiers deployed in Kashmir is even worse. Many Indian soldiers see themselves as the killers of armless and innocent Kashmiris.

Because of this feeling of guilt, they have suffered from many psychological disorders. These psychological diseases and feelings, increase the trend of suicide among Indian soldiers.

Recently the Indian Defence Minister has accused Pakistan of interfering in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

An Indian news channel made false claims about Pakistan’s role which were later proved to be fake.

The Indian state resorts to malicious tactics such as false flag operations and fake news to deflect international and domestic pressure and to cover up violations in India’s illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Global organizations such as the EU Disinfo Lab have repeatedly exposed lies for use as statecraft.

On the contrary, Pakistan has always acted with restraint and has shown an excellent attitude towards India’s constant spewing of venom and misadventures.

“Be it Abhinandan or the landing of an Indian missile in Pakistan’s territory, it has always acted in the larger interest of regional and international peace.

It is normal for India to spread propaganda against Pakistan to cover up its failures. India should consider the plight of its military personnel, instead of blaming Pakistan.

—The writer is a researcher, based in Islamabad.


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