Sufism, S&T research centres to be set up across Punjab

Staff Reporter

The research centres would be established across Punjab province to carry out research on Sufism and science and technology.

In the first phase, Sheikh Abul Hassan Shazli Centre would be established in Lahore for research on Islam, Sufism, religious thoughts, interfaith harmony, and modern sciences besides S&T.

Under the poor friendly and pro-education initiatives of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s spouse Bushra Imran, the downtrodden segment of the society would be given equal opportunities to progress.

The first lady is also striving for the uplift of Panagahs, Langar Khanas, shelter homes and child protection bureaus.

Sheikh Abul Hassan Shazli Research Centre would serve the poor students and those passionate for getting education.

The centre would also be linked with the shelter homes, child protection bureaus, prisons, particularly women and juvenile jails, schools, colleges, universities, public, private, and religious educational institutions.

The centre would also be linked with the libraries of world famed research centers like Jstor, Oxford and Cambridge which would also be made remotely accessible across the province.

The portal and counters would also be established to guide the students at research center for getting admission in local and foreign universities, in cooperation with the Higher Education Commission.

In the first phase, the MoUs are being signed with the Government College University, Lahore College for Women University, Jamia Naeemia and Auqaf research centers for linkage with the Abul Hassan Center.

In Lahore, Abul Hassan Shazli Research Centre would be established at Government College University Lahore for research on Islamic teachings, interfaith harmony, Sufism, Islamic philosophy, and Sufi traditions.

The centre would also introduce Bachelor, MPhil and PhD programs on Islamic philosophy and Sufism. Moreover, Rahmatullil Alameen Scholarship would also be made part of it.

The centre has been named after Sufi scholar Sheikh Abul Hassan Shazli, who hailed from a royal family of Morocco and served in the fields of Islam and Sufism throughout his life.


As per the first lady’s vision, the research centres would be expanded across the province.

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