Subsectors of Islamabad G-6, 7 & 10 sealed


Zubair Qureshi

The district administration of the federal capital along with police and rangers sealed sub sectors of the G-6, 7, 10 and two phases of Ghauri Town late Wednesday.
The measure according to them has been taken to check coronavirus spread in these sectors where more than 25 deaths have been reported so far.
At the time of lockdown enforcement, heavy contingent of police and paramilitary force along with officials of the District health department were present.
Islamabad on Wednesday reported 11,483 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 108 deaths thus registering 264 cases and two deaths in the last twenty four hours. On Tuesday the numbers were 11,219 and 106 respectively.
Earlier, the residents of the G-6, 7 and 10 subsectors left their houses early in the morning to do grocery for the lockdown period that is expected to be of 14 days.
However, the district administration has assured that during the lockdown period, shops of essential items like milk, yogurt and vegetables and fruit and meat will remain open. Similarly, mosques will also remain open and under SOPs azaan and prayers are allowed there.