SU holds walk for virus-hit China


Students and faculty members of Sargodha University, along with the Chinese teachers, actively participated in a walk to express solidarity and support to China in its struggle against the coronavirus.
The walk – arranged by Pakistan Institute of China Studies (PICS) on Thursday –started from the Jinnah Block and ended at the Admin Block. Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, PICS Director Dr Fazal-ur-Rahman and Chinese nationals, who teach Chinese language at Sargodha University, took part in the walk.
Speaking on the occasion, the VC has said that China has set an example of bravery, unity, and commitment to the world by overcoming the outbreak of coronavirus in no time. China built specialised hospitals in just over a week, which spoke volumes about the capability of China to fight against the novel virus, he added.
Dr Ahmad said that the mortality rate of the coronavirus was just two percent, which was being exaggerated to malign the reputation of China internationally; however, China has manifested strong ability by gradually overcoming the virus.
“The teachers and students of Sargodha University stand with China at this critical time, and we know that China will surely succeed in defeating this disease as it coped with similar challenges in the past,” he concluded.