Students, teachers, protest against school inundation


A large number of the students ,teachers and parents staged protest against inundation of government boy’s and girl’s primary school, Usman Gandro, of sewerage water, which is located in thickly populated Mohlah of Thatta city called Islam Pur .

The protesters including girl and boy students led by Head master of the school named Zulfqar Samajo,protest infront of the school and staged a demonstration and chanted slogans against Thatta municipal administration for having been unable to drain out the philthy sewerage water from premises of school.

They said the school was remaining surrounded and inundated of the water from the several years that is causing too much difficulties for students to go to school in smooth way .

The teachers students and parents said this correspondent that the school’s front ground and all the sides are inundated from the last several years but the municipal administration is turning blind eye on the issue and has done nothing to drain out the water so far. They also held the MPA and MNA of the constituency responsible and said school students used pass through the filthy water but they have not dared to take efforts to drain out it . Meanwhile the neighbouring people said that the polluted water has made their lives so miserable and has caused several diseases like malaria, dierreha and skin etc. They demanded of the higher authorities and elected representatives of the area to take efforts to drain out the water from the school surroundings and neighbouring.