Students protest against online classes


Progressive Students Federation, Baloch Students Alliance, and Revolutionary Students Federation held a protest against online classes at National Press Club Islamabad
The PRSF, BSA, and RSF jointly held a public demonstration to demand the immediate suspension of online classes and exams, allocation of funds for digital infrastructure of the education system, and promotion of students to next semester.
Aunil Muntazir of PRSF emphasized the need for alternative modes of education during the global pandemic which has indiscriminately affected lives across the globe. Our state infrastructure exclusively benefits the people of well to do economic backgrounds while neglecting the students hailing from marginalized segments of our society, he added.
He said, Government and HEC need to take concrete measures to expand internet access and availability in areas where it has been blocked for ages, we ask why high-speed internet is being blocked in Balochistan, ex-Fata and GB and Kashmir? It is critical to end this digital apartheid on the basis of national security. We demand for urgent allocation of resources to expand 3g/4g in these areas, allowing telecom companies to operate internet services there (rather than SCO monopolies), and urgent provision of tablets/phones and internet facilitation centers to students on a needs basis. We strongly demand the HEC to roll back its policy of enforcing the online education system, as the online infrastructure is almost non-existent.
The BSA member, Beebagr Baloch, highlighted the historical negligence of State towards the Baloch nation. During three scores and a decade, a long era of oppression of the State has paralyzed the whole provincial infrastructure. —INP