Students call for girls’ schools to be reopened



Following international calls for the reopening of girls’ schools above the sixth grade, some students from schools and universities have now asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools as soon as possible.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to provide the opportunity of education for all the people of Afghanistan, including boys and girls,” said Khatera, the organizer of the gathering.

The gathering’s organizers said in a resolution that the closing of girls’ schools is not justified by Sharia and that it will do significant harm to Afghan society.

“The current position of the government to close schools above the sixth grade for girls does not have any form of Sharia consideration, according to the principles of Islam,” said Sadia Sirat, a student.

However, some women’s rights activists stated that no one would benefit from the closing of girls’ schools.

“Keeping the doors of schools closed is not useful for the government but has its own problems, and this leads the people of Afghanistan to lose trust in the government,” Ai Noor Uzbek, a women’s rights activist told TOLOnews.

Girls’ schools above sixth grade were shut down for about a year, and the Islamic Emirate has not decided whether or not to reopen them.

Meanwhile, following widespread international and domestic calls to reopen girls’ schools above sixth grade, now some local Parwan officials asked for the reopening of girls’ schools across the country at a gathering held to support education in the province’s Salang district.

According to the President of the Appellate Court of Parwan, education is required for both men and women under Islamic law, and both the government and society needs educated women.

“Our society needs educated girls, without education a government cannot progress,” said Mohammad Qasim Mohammadi, head of the Appeals Court of Parwan.

The organizers of the gathering asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ school over sixth grade as soon as possible.

“Girls were coming to school with Islamic hijab, and their teachers were also female.

Girls’ schools should be opened, so that our children do not wait more than this,” said Abdul Alim Haidari, a tribal elder.

“We, the people of Salang, ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools above sixth grade, so they can continue their education in a peaceful and Islamic situation,” said Abdul Matin Salangi, a member of the book collection committee.

Meanwhile, a group of young people from the Salang district started a campaign to collect books for the province’s education department and donated almost 2,500 books to the department.

“It is a big achievement to the people of Salang district, may God give them more success in this way, so that they can buy books for schools, and it is useful for students,” said Mohammad Hassan Haqqani, director of Parwan’s education department.

11 months have passed since the closure of girls’ schools over the sixth grade, and it is still unknown when these schools will reopen.


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