Strict preventive measures taken to contain dengue

Staff Reporter

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is taking strict preventive measures to contain dengue spread in the province and save masses from this serious vector-borne disease.

According to a report issued by the provincial health department, effective measures are taken to contain and eradicate dengue disease.

For stopping the spread of the disease, special vigilance from hot spots in the Health Department is being conducted while the Integrated Vector Control and Malaria Control department are busy in inspection of houses, outdoor sites, and water tanks to kill the larvae.

The report disclosed that larvae presence is detected through the involvement of entomologists and is killed technically by the use of chemicals.

During the dengue prevention survey, a total of 7.1 million houses are inspected in the province, and larvae presence was found in 2886 homes.

Similarly, a total of 26.1 million water tanks and containers are inspected for the search of larvae, and action was taken where it was found.

More than 500,000 out sites and open places are inspected and around 1147 sites were found to be breeding points for dengue larvae, the report added.

Sprays were conducted at all the places where dengue larvae were found and were eliminated to ensure curbing of its spread and breeding. Apart from it fumigation is also arranged in every nook and corner of the province.

The report also advised the masses to take preventive measures for protecting themselves from dengue disease by using mosquito repellent and nets. They were also advised to cover maximum body parts for protection from mosquito bites.

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