Stranded Pakistani citizens successfully rescued in Turkey


Due to the Pakistan Air Force’s efforts, several Pakistani families and students who were trapped in flood-stricken Turkey were rescued and returned to their country of origin (PAF).

A PAF spokesperson stated that an IL-78 aircraft returned to PAF Base, Nur Khan on Monday following a successful mission to provide humanitarian aid to the earthquake-stricken citizens of Turkey.

The spokesperson continued, “A number of Pakistani families and students trapped in the area were evacuated via the Ilyushin-78 and were brought back to the homeland safely.”

The Pakistani nationals expressed their appreciation for the PAF’s efforts in returning them home and rescuing their countrymen who were trapped abroad due to the natural disaster.

According to the spokeswoman, the PAF is planning additional operations of this kind in cooperation with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to aid earthquake victims.

According to media estimates, a week after a significant earthquake shook Turkey and Syria, the death toll had reached about 36,000 and was expected to keep rising as there were fewer signs of any survivors being found.