Stop littering | By Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai


Stop littering

HAVE you ever thought about what your community would look like without littering? If so, it may take a while to find out.

One person throwing something on the road may not think much of it. But however, when that trash starts accumulating, it will create huge inconvenience for everyone.

If littering is not stopped, more money will be wasted, things will be damaged, and innocent people’s life could be affected.

Imagine someone tossing a cigarette out of their window. That cigarette gets blown onto someone’s yard and is eaten by their pet.

That pet could become ill because of someone else’s laziness. Littering has become a common habit in our society.

We think that it is the responsibly of the government officials to clean up the area which is the root cause of the issue.

If each and every one of us take the responsibility and dispose the garbage into the proper dumping area, it will not only help clean up the environment but will also help create the sense of responsibility among the individuals.

In order to put an end to all this littering, it needs to start with everyone playing their correct roles in society.

Every time we throw our trash out of the window of our car or houses, it makes our world a dirty place.

We all say how beautiful this earth is but seldom rethink before littering. It is beautiful as long as we keep it that way and clean up the mess we have made.

We all want to make our planet a better place to live in because without it, none of us would exist.

When we throw things out of our window or car, that ‘thing’ could have been reused or recycled — it just makes it harder for the earth to stay a healthy place.

Some things that were thrown on the ground or the road could have been recycled. But instead, they are slowly decomposing into the ground and ruining the soil.

If the garbage was put in a recycling bin, it would have been remade and used again or it could be converted into manure.

We can conserve the environment by maintaining cleanliness and adopting a solid waste management policy.

If we all work together to put in that extra effort and do the right thing, then it will make a huge difference.

People should take that extra few steps to dispose the garbage in the trash bin. It is like taking a walk or exercising.

Littering has grown out of the fact that more people are eating fast food evidenced by the type of litter because they are moving while they eat whether walking, driving or riding.

Many people believe that littering is all right because it provides work for some people. Just like most other behaviour, it has been allowed over the years, coupled with the fact that very little example is set for the young people to emulate as it relates to taking care of one’s personal garbage.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Mumbai, India

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