Steps taken by Punjab Govt for water conservation


Staff Reporter


Honorable Justice Lahore High Court Shahid Karim, formed a judicial commission under the supervision of Justice (Retd) Justic Ali Akbar Qureshi this year to take necessary measurements for the conservation of water.
The main objectives of this commission were to manage water reservoirs, conservation of water, to make revenue out of non- revenue water, treatment of water and to stop water theft. A session of water commission is organized every week to check and evaluate the reports received from various related departments. The judicial commission in collaboration with 14 other institutes has taken important steps for the conservation of water.
These institutes are as below:
1.WASA, 2. OQAF, 3. Cooperative Housing, 4. Lahore Cantonment Board, 5. Dolphin Force, 6. LDA, 7. Industries, 8. District Management, 9. Lahore Walton Cantonment Board, 10. LWMC, 11. Irrigation, 12. Environment, 13. PHA and 14. DHA.
Following is a brief detail of the achievements:
Car Service Stations:
Car service stations were a major source of waste of clean drinking water. Effective measures were required in this regard.
Disconnecting water connection
Car service stations were using unrestricted water supply for a long time. The court directed WASA to begin inspection of the service stations and disconnect water supply to those without a water recycling system.
Installation of Recycling Plants
In second phase these service stations were earlier issued notices and given two months period for installations of the recycling plants to save water. Those service stations who failed to install recycling plants were sealed whereas those who ensured to install within two weeks were considered under observation. By the Grace of Almighty, almost 50% service stations have installed recycling plants and rests are in process. Cantonment Board and DHA are also taking measures on the same lines. This step has helped save 260000 gallon water per day.
Restoration of Canal channels
For irrigation of parks, 17 irrigation channels have been restored. It includes, Aitcheson College, FC College, Jinnah Garden, Governor House, Mayo Garden, New Campus, Model Town Park and other irrigation channels. It has helped has save 113000000 Gallon of water per day
Recycling of ablution water
On directives of judicial water commission, Wasa has installed an underground tank in a park adjacent to Nimra mosque Johar town for the irrigation of plants. It has helped save 1500 gallon water per day for irrigation purposes. Parks and horticulture department has followed the same model and has constructed underground tanks along 52 mosques. It has further helped, save 60,000 gallon water per day for plants
Waste of water outside houses
On directives of judicial water commission, Dolphin force is monitoring water users outside houses. These teams take pictures and impose fine of Rs 1000 to the domestic consumers. A fine of Rs 5000/- has been imposed in DHA
Installation of water meters
WASA Lahore has prepared a model on the basis of public private partnership. It could help save 10000000 Gallon water per day Justice Shahid Karim has instructed deputy commissioner Lahore to implement all these measures in other cities of Punjab.
WASA Lahore is working on a project to make BRB canal water drinkable. The completion of this project will reduce dependency on underground water aquifer.