Step further towards transparency


GOVERNMENT on Sunday received a public applause as well as backlash from the opposition parties after declaring the assets and nationalities of all the Special Assistants and Advisers. No matter what the critics and opponents say about the performance of PTI government, it really goes to the credit of Prime Minister Imran Khan for taking bold decisions about critical issues and making public such details and reports which in the past were used to be withheld under different pretexts . It is unprecedented in the country’s history that someone dared to disclose the details of his un-elected members of the Cabinet, otherwise, the nation itself is witness to the fact that how the country’s top leadership in the past hid their Iqamas and foreign jobs whilst being elected members of the cabinet. Anyway, making public the details of Advisers and Special Assistants is yet another step towards transparency promised by Imran Khan. Earlier, one also saw how the inquiry reports into sugar and wheat flour crises as well as PIA plane crash were made public. Then the way millions of people were provided with cash assistance under Ehsaas Programme in the most transparent manner after the breakout of Covid-19 is also an example for others to emulate. As regards the opposition’s outcry over the presence of dual nationals in the cabinet, it is important for the PTI government to clear her position as the Constitution does not allow the people with dual citizenship to become members of the Cabinet and Parliament. The basic democratic system levitates an infrastructure of good governance through standing on multidimensional pillars of accountability, transparency, rule of law and mass participation. In this backdrop, the PTI government is heading in the right direction and if it continues to tread the path of transparency without caring for the backlash from the opposition, the day is not far when it will also overcomes the economic challenges faced by the country.

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