State weighing legal options in Qandeel Baloch murder case


Islamabad: Parliamentary Seceratory Maleeka Bokhari said the state was “reviewing options” in the light of laws and Supreme Court judgments in the murder case of social media star Qandeel Baloch, whose brother and murderer was acquitted by Lahore High Court earlier this week.

“The state is undertaking a review of legal options in the Qandeel Baloch case in light of law & SC judgments,” she informed in a tweet.

Maleeka maintained that the killing of women and girls in the name of honour was a “black mark on our society.”

Qandeel was murdered in 2016 by her brother because she became famous for her posts that were deemed suggestive and immoral by many in the country.

Qandeel’s brother, Mohammad Waseem, was arrested and later sentenced to life in prison by a trial court for strangling her, brazenly telling the press he had no remorse for the slaying because her behaviour was “intolerable”.

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