Staff in District South getting salaries on time: DC


Deputy Commissioner & Administrator South Irshad Ali Sodhar has said that the role of employees in any organization is the backbone and their importance cannot be denied in any way.

Dedicated to the provision and service of local government services, their services are commendable.

Sodhar said public welfare works are being carried out on priority basis in District South and it has been ensured that its employees are provided with other facilities including leverage, financial assistance and group insurances at the same time.

In this regard, during the last nine months, we have paid Rs.3 crores 44 lakhs for leave encashment, 1 crore 16 lakhs for financial assistance, 28 lakhs 64 thousand for medical reimbursement, 25 lakhs 67 thousand for overtime, and 1 crore 1 lakh for group insurance.

The Administrator South further said that timely payment of salaries and other dues of the employees has been our top priority especially for the employees who have completed their terms so that they can live their life in comfort and ease after retirement, we try to continue to serve our employees.