SSGC steps up efforts against gas thieves


The Sui Southern Gas Company’s Operation Grift has been going strong against miscreants involved in stealing gas. Justice Mrs. Rashida Asad confirmed the interim bail of accused Muhammad Islamuddin of District West on payment of Rs.1,600,000/- to cover the National Exchequer Loss faced by the Company. The culprit was supplying electricity to the residents of “Shafi Heights”, in Surjani Town, Karachi, by illegally obtaining gas from SSGC’s service line. He was using 35 and 3.5KW generators for producing electricity resulting in a massive loss to the company. In another case, Sessions Judge, Mr. Amjad Ali Bohio of Gas Utility Court Ditrict South, dismissed the bail of Amanullah, accused of stealing gas directly from SSGC’s service line. He also dismissed the bail of another culprit, Abdul Sattar accused of gas theft in which the accused has paid Rs. 55,900/- as recovery of quantum of loss to SSGCL. The team will continue to crackdown on those evil doers involved in the theft of gas.–PR