Spring Festivals starts in China today

Ashraf Ansari
Islamabad/ Beijing

Chinese people are celebrating their annual spring festival in line with a centuries old cultural tradition of their country. The festivities beginning today will continue till 28 February.

In Wuhan, which was epicenter of Covid-19 pandemic, the spring festival marks triumph of the Chinese people over the Covid-19 pandemic. Last year the festival was postponed due to the pandemic. This year’s festival assumes extraordinary focus of the people who are inclined to indulge in the festivities with more heart and vigour.

The Spring Festival is also called the Lantern Festival marked by light shows. The theme of the festival is “We are together”. The main show will be staged over the Yangtze River in Wuhan. Venues such as Yellow Crane Tower and other tourism areas will stay open during the festival, as plum blossom will be in full bloom.

Residents of Wuhan, Hubei province capital have also been busy with their preparations for celebrating Lunar New Year, which is on 12 February.

Last year, this provincial capital, which has a population of 11 million, experienced a vastly different Spring Festival as it grappled with the onset of the novel coronavirus outbreak.
To contain the outbreak, the central government enforced a lock-down in the city on Jan 23 last year, the day before Lunar New Year’s Eve. Transportation was halted and people self-isolated at home, while medical workers and volunteers worked to combat the virus.
This year, the city’s residents are celebrating the spring festival with a revived spirit but observing precautions that have been enforced by the government.