SPLA, Fapuasa reject Sindh govt’s pay cut decision



The Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) and the Sindh chapter of the Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations (Fapuasa) have rejected the provincial government’s decision to cut five days’ salary of government employees, including faculty members, to provide relief to the rain-affected people.In statement, SPLA central leaders expressed grief over the devastation caused by the recent monsoon rains across the country.

The statement said the rains had caused a lot of destruction, and government employees were among the victims. The SPLA leaders rejected the government’s decision to deduct the five-day salary of the civil servants from grade one to sixteen and above. They called on the government to withdraw what they called “the cruel decision”.“Government employees do not live on Mars. Millions of government employees have also been severely affected by the torrential rains, so their salary deduction will be considered discrimination.”

The association made it clear to the Sindh government that if the decision was not withdrawn, they would demonstrate against the government.In their joint statements, Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations Sindh chapter president Prof Dr Shah Ali ul Qader, General Secretary Dr Nasrullah Pirzada and the Executive Council member Prof Dr Akhtiar Ali Ghumro also rejected the Sindh government’s decision, saying that due to heavy rains, almost all people of the province, including government employees, had been severely affected. The rainfall has severely damaged houses and sources of income of people, including government employees.


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