Spike in crime rate


CRIME rate has significantly increased in the federal capital. Over the last one month, it has been reported that valuables to the tune of Rs 70 million were stolen from houses and cash vans in different sectors of the capital.
The fact of the matter is that this is only tip of the iceberg as most of the cases go unreported or the capital police do not register such cases in order to show that everything is perfect and fine in their areas of jurisdiction. The situation, however, is quite the opposite and worrying as the people are being robbed by bike riding gunmen in the broad day light. If we cannot ensure the security of the people in the capital, then what will be the situation in other cities? This situation not only poses a big question mark on the performance of police department but also points towards a weakening check and balance system and lacking in professional competency of the police. Higher authorities should not act mere as a silent spectator but come into action to restore the public confidence on the police department as there is also a general impression that the police personnel are hand in glove with these dacoits and robbers. Firstly, the police should be purged of these black sheep after a thorough investigation and those found involved in having any links with the criminal elements should be given exemplary punishment. Then patrolling in the developed sectors and rural areas of the capital should be enhanced immediately rather a full-fledged campaign need to be started against proclaimed offenders and absconders to remove the sense of fear amongst the residents of capital. PTI government had come to power with the slogan of bringing reforms in the institutions especially, police. This is yet to be seen. The federal government should not only take notice of the spike in crime rate in the capital but also move swiftly towards making police a truly professional and competent force. This will also go a long way in ensuring speedy justice to the people.

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