SPI-based weekly inflation up 0.80 per cent


Staff Reporter


The Sensitive Price Indicator based weekly inflation for the week ended on August 03, for the combined consumption group, witnessed an increase of 0.80 percent. According to the latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the SPI for the combined consumption group in the week under review witnessed an increase of 9.47 percent. During the week, prices of 20 items decreased, 6 items increased while that of 25 items remained constant. The commodities, which recorded increase in their average prices during the week included Tomatoes, Onions, Eggs, Chicken, Potatoes, Match Box, Garlic (Lehsun), Pulse, LPG, Cooked Beef, Firewood Whole, Curd (Dahi), Toilet Soap, Vegetable Ghee, Sufi Washing Soap, Gur and Cooking Oil.

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