Speakers for reinvigorating efforts to plead Junagadh case

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Speakers at an inaugural session of a one-day national conference on “Junagadh Challenges and prospects” called for reinvigorating the efforts by government, academia and youth to plead the longstanding case of Junagadh illegal occupation by India at international forums.

The conference, held on Tuesday, comprised of over six sessions including four academic sessions, was organized by Muslim Institute to highlight the legal status of the Junagadh issue.

Speakers asserted that Junagadh was an integral part of Pakistan which was illegally and immorally occupied by India.

”Pakistan needs to persistently pursue its claim on Junagadh at all international forums for which a more cohesive and persistent policy is required”.

They pledged that supporting Junagadh was part of our national duty and acknowledged the courage and absolute resolve presented by the Nawab and Dewan of Junagadh state in carrying forward the case of Junagadh.

Speaking as a chief guest on the occasion, Former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of Pakistan, Gen. (retd) Ehsan Ul Haq said Junagadh was also an unfinished agenda of Pak-India partition like Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK) which has to come to the logical conclusion some day.

“We have to tell the world that we are a determined nation that will never abandon its legal, just, and rightful claims”.

He said it was heartening to know that Pakistan has not forgotten the Junagadh state and the way its media, scholars and the state was reinvigorating their struggle for meaningful resolution of Junagadh issue clearly proved, “Junagadh is Pakistan”.

Minister for National Food Security, Syed Fakhar Imam said Junagadh community should be given special leverage. He pledged that supporting Junagadh is part of our national duty.

Dewan of Junagadh State and Chairman Muslim Institute, Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali and Former Principal, Center for International Peace were among the speakers.

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