SOPs violation in cattle markets may lead to corona spread on Eid


The district administration’s incompetence resulting in the failure to implement coronavirus-related standard operating procedures (SOPs) in cattle markets has increased the risk of spreading Covid-19 on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.
In view of Eidul Azha, 14 cattle markets were opened outside the provincial capital on Wednesday. According to the SOPs issued by the Punjab government, every person had to be checked for temperature before entering the cattle market. Without face masks and gloves, people were not allowed to enter cattle markets and they were asked to adopt social distancing.
However, no SOPs were being implemented in the cattle markets and interestingly, cattle sellers were also rarely seen wearing masks and gloves in cattle markets.
Due to the heavy rains in the city, cleanliness in the cattle markets has also become a challenge for the district administration, while no arrangements have been made for the disposal of animal waste in the markets.
Muhammad Latif, an animal seller in Shahpur Kanjran’s cattle market, said that the fear of coronavirus may have disappeared among those who come to the cattle market. “We were allowed to sell the animals the day before. Eid is also approaching, due to which a large number of people have turned to the markets. Coronavirus is a drama. People get sick every year and then get well. We should not be afraid of this virus.”
Similarly, a buyer Zeshan Shah, who purchased two goats from Lakho Dair cattle market, informed that the situation regarding the implementation of SOPs in the markets was very bad.
“I have visited four markets from yesterday to buy sacrificial animals. SOPs did not appear to be implemented in any of the markets.
Animal sellers are just as ignorant, they have no awareness of this pandemic and they do not even want to understand anyone.
There is no such thing as social distancing in cattle markets. Animal sellers form groups and we do not know which of them are infected with the virus.
Similarly, buyers entering the market feel that they are not at risk from the coronavirus,” he said, adding that buyers do not follow any SOPs either and surprisingly, people are coming to the markets in groups as if everything was normal.
“The government machinery was not checking anyone’s temperature and those without masks were not stopped. The situation in the cattle markets is very bad which means that another virus surge awaits Lahoris,” he further said.
On the other hand, the spokesman for the district administration simply said that the administration was visiting cattle markets to do their part, denying the citizens’ account of the situation.
“All the assistant commissioners are visiting the established cattle markets in their respective areas and reviewing the arrangements.
Arrangements for drainage of rainwater have been completed. Proper checks are being carried out on the cleanliness of the washrooms, sitting arrangements, lights and staff presence in the markets.
Arrangements are also being finalised for the installation of a dewatering system, mask camps, health camps and LWMC camps. Those who do not comply with the SOPs are also being checked and fines are being levied on the violators,” he said.

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