Solidarity, integrity of Pakistan linked with stable economy: FCCI chief


Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) President Dr Khurram Tariq has said that solidarity and integrity of Pakistan is directly linked with a stable economy, and in this connection charter of economy is imperative to save it from unnecessary political upheavals.

Addressing a meeting of former presidents and executive committee members, he said that the government must realise the gravity of the situation and finalise the draft of a charter of economy by taking all stakeholders, including political parties, on board. He said that continuity of economic policies is imperative for uninterrupted and sustained industrial, commercial and business growth without derailing it with the change of governments. He explained his visits to Karachi and Islamabad where he had discussed the critical economic issues with the policy makers and business leaders. He also briefed the participants of the meeting about the decisions taken in All Pakistan Chambers Summit-2023 organised by the RCCI.

He said that Pakistan has to accept the conditionality of IMF to get a minor tranche of only one billion dollars. He said that the contribution of the business community is much more than the IMF and government must protect their legitimate interests. He said that an increase of two billion dollars per annum in trade is not a major issue provided the government take into confidence and facilitates the business community by ensuring a congenial and peaceful environment in the country. He said that only one ship is cleared out of five ships anchored at ports.

“The reason behind it is the shortage of dollars,” he said and added that it has created a shortage of raw material which has further reduced the industrial, commercial and business activities in the country. He urged the political parties to sign the charter of economy in the greater interest of the nation and country.

He warned that if political parties remained adamant, the business community would be forced to take stringent measures at its own including a countrywide call to boycott the election.—APP