Social media influencers banned from entering parliament’s premises



Due to the rise of misconduct by social media journalists with the members of parliament, the National Assembly Secretariat on has decided to stop the entry of social media anchors within the limits of parliament.

Henceforth, YouTubers, Tiktokers and influencers on other social media sites would not be allowed to cover the parliamentary proceedings.

As per the notification, an unauthorized “social media influencer misbehaved with lawmakers at Gate No 1 of Parliament House on Dec 23 last year.” After that incident, the issue was raised with Press Reporters Association (PRA) which said it was not responsible for the actions of social media anchors.

However, PRA secretary general Asif Bashir Chaudhry went against the ban and said,” we believe not only journalists but every citizen of Pakistan enjoy equal freedom of expression.”— NNI