Social media influence

Recently a former Facebook Executive Chamath Palihapitiya criticised the social network for “ripping society apart” in a session at an event run by the Standford Graduate School of Business. His words “You don’t realise it but you are being programmed” hold significant value when it comes to the effect that social media has on us as users. In today’s world, social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. What we don’t realize is that many of us are being unconsciously manipulated through it.
People have started finding happiness online rather than looking for joy in their own life. People are forgetting how to communicate in real life. Since social media has equipped every individual with freedom of speech it has played a vital role in splitting society and provoking hatred. People are actually getting depressed in the search for virtual acknowledgment and validation. It is very significant for users to know the overall impact of social media, utilizing the positives whereas being able to control the negatives in order to contain the long-term depressive effect of it.

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