SMI seminar on basic rights on Sept 24

Khuda Bux Brohi

Sindh fishermen Ithad District Thatta has announced to hold seminar on September 24 at 4 pm at the historical Keajher lake aimed to develop pressure on the government for provision of thier deprived rights particularly raise voice against occupying lake fishing point by influential men and causing evacuation of local fishermen families from the wetlands and so many other issues faced to them .

The Seminar will be presided over by Ayoub Mallah president of Sindh Mallah Ithad (SMI)Thatta chapter meanwhile Adam Gandarrow will be chief guest. While talking to this correspondent Mr Ayoub Mallah said that despite the large population of the fishermen living in Sindh is ignored at all times in shape of facilities.

He said. Due to lack of water in the down stream, fishermen families living on both sides of the river Inus are compelled to leave their villages to move any others side for livelihoods beuase lack of water in down stream that has badly impacts on their livelihoods.

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