Smart traffic management


THE Capital Development Authority (CDA) is going to introduce smart or intelligent traffic management system to streamline traffic on important roads and inter-sections of Islamabad. To begin with, a pilot project is being introduced on Islamabad Highway which would later be replicated on Kashmir Highway, Margalla Road and other major avenues of the city.
The ITS system being introduced on Islamabad Expressway would provide information to commuters about time of their journey and enable them to get latest updates and happenings on the road. This would surely save travellers from unnecessary delay and botheration as they would be able to use alternative routes in case of any traffic congestion or accident. At present, long queues of vehicles are witnessed on the Expressway whenever there is some problem in a particular section of the road. Linkage of the entire city with the system would be in line with similar practices in well-managed cities of the world. However, we may point out that this might not be helpful in addressing the real issues of traffic on a long-term basis. As for information and updates are concerned, these are presently available through FM Radio of the traffic police. There is, therefore, need to implement plans devised by CDA to ease traffic congestion on important roads and inter-sections. As per its master plan, all roads of Islamabad were supposed to be signal free but violation of the Master Plan has created problems for its citizens. Not to speak of making the entire city signal free, CDA has not been able to fulfil its pledge of making even the Expressway signal free as work stands halted on expansion work beyond Koral Chowk. Work should be initiated to undertake this project on a priority basis besides improving the situation in Bhara Kahu area, IJ Principal Road, Lehtrar Road, Rawal Dam and Tramri Chowks, Aabpara and other important roads and inter-sections.

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