Smart sanitizer walk through installed in front of Lawari tunnel


Gul Hamaad Farooqi


The municipal Administration of Chitral is working to prevent Chitral from the outbreak of Corona virus. In this connection, the Drosh and Chitral TMA staff under the supervision of Tehsil Municipal Officer Misbah-ud-Din jointly installed the first smart- sanitizer walkthrough gate at Baradam near Lawari Tunnel, which plays a key role in the prevention of Corona virus.
Whenever any traveler from the down districts interring into Chitral, they will first pass through the walk-through gate where ant germ spray will be placed on top of it and will also detect his body temperature if a passenger has a temperature. Through this, the walkthrough will ring the bells, which will make it easier for the patient to be more diagnosed and treated.
Aminur Rehman, a spokesman for the Tehsil Municipal Administration, told the media that Baradam is the gateway Chitral where people coming from down districts this walkthrough will be sanitized them and hope to stop the Corona virus from spreading. The risk of spreading the outbreak will be minimized by this way. Additional Assistant Commissioner Abdul ul Haq said, “We are doing everything possible to prevent the people from Corona virus.” It would be advantageous to put a walkthrough here that passengers will pass through this gate with a germicidal spray.