SLC hires Shane McDermott as fielding coach


Bipin Dani

SLC has hired the services of Shane McDermott as their next fielding coach. He will be arriving in Sri Lanka shortly and will also travel to Pakistan with the Sri Lankan team.
Tasmania-born Shane McDermott is now working with the SACA (South Australia Cricket Association) at its High Performance Unit.
His name was recommended by CA (Cricket Australia) and not by the new Head Coach Mickey Arthur, as few may believe so..
“We enquired with CA to suggest a few names and that’s how he (Shane McDermott) has come on board”, a source in SLC confirmed to this reporter on Friday morning.
Interestingly, Arthur’s name (for Head Coach) was already doing rounds for quite sometime. He (Arthur) showed interest and there are very few coaches available in the market due to several Leagues are bring played all around the world and many coaches prefer to work for the League franchises on a part time basis and earn money and therefore our task was little difficult”, the source further added.
The SLC president (Shammi Silva) and the CEO (Ashely De Silva) negotiated the contract terms with Arthur, it is learnt here.
Know new fielding coach Shane McDermott The 38-year-old McDermott was a left-handed batsman and wicket-keeper. Like Arthur, he has also not played cricket international at international level.
He is a High Performance Coach 2nd XI and Under 19 Head Coach at SACA. His CV says : A fun, passionate person that gets out of bed to help others be the best they can be and achieve their dreams. Experience across the game at all levels both Nationally and Internationally.
Genuine love for learning from books, experiences, other people’s stories and strong uplifting relationships. 20 years full time employment within the game for Cricket Australia, Tasmanian, Western Australian, Bangladesh, Northern Territory and South Australian Cricket Associations. Highlight – Singing Australian Team song on two occasions – ODI Series V West Indies (Aus) and ODI Series V England (UK) during interim Assistant Coaching Roles.
Looking to work in and impact the game for ever. A composed healthy fun natured person who values other people’s happiness, development and success.

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