Slain Belgium-Pakistani Mahira received two bullets in neck, face

Staff Reporter

The authorities on Wednesday released the autopsy report of British-Pakistani national Mahira Zulfiqar, which revealed that the victim had received two bullets – one on her face and the other in the neck.

A trap mark was also found on Mahira Zulfiqar’s neck. However, the report showed that no sign of rape was found.

The autopsy report also stated that there were bruises on both hands and elbows of the slain UK national and her teeth were broken
due to bullet she received on her face.

The post-mortem examination also revealed that her head was swollen as someone dragged her from hair. The autopsy report also found Mahira’s hair on her clothes. She was shot dead on May 3.

Earlier, the main accused in the murder case of appeared before the police and recorded his statement on Monday.

The accused Saad Amir Butt after availing interim bail in the case appeared before the police and recorded.

The TV channel reported Amir Butt appeared before the CIA Cantt. Police on assurance of an important political personality.

Amir Butt said he was sleeping at his house when Mahira was murdered and he did not kill Mahira.

“Mahira was my friend but later our friendship was broken,” he added. “I never tried to kidnap Mahira”, Saad said while recording his statement before
the police.

Accused Butt said Mahira lodged a case against him on the behest of Zahir Jadoon, which was written by the lawyer of Zahir Jadoon. Police allowed Amir Butt to go after recording his statement.

It may be mentioned here that Mahira Zulfiqar, 26,moved from London to Pakistan a year ago after attending a friend’s wedding in the country. She was killed after four men allegedly broke into her home in Lahore and shot her.