Skin allergies on rise during winter season


During the winter season, skin allergies are on the rise due to dry, cold weather causing itchy rashes as dehydration may also be a major factor.

Talking to a private news channel, Health Expert Dr Saira Awan said to avoid developing winter rash, water and natural oils should be used to help in keeping the skin moist and enhanced to foment its protective abilities.

Winter rash occurs when the skin loses too much moisture during cold seasons. She informed that cold, dry air and central heating can suck the water and oils from the skin other environmental factors, as well as lifestyle factors and certain medical conditions can also cause dry skin and rashes.

She further informed about winter skin allergies including ‘Rosacea’ is a bacterial infection that causes rashes and small, red bumps on the skin. ‘Cold urticaria’, this rare skin condition causes swollen, itchy bumps called hives to form after exposure to the cold. —APP