SIUT to soon resume transplantation activities


The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT)has announced that its transplantation activities which went into abeyance due to Covid-19 will resume soon. SIUT had suspended its transplantation activities temporarily when the pandemic broke in March earlier this year as the life of transplanted patients were threatened due to their reduced immunity and reliance on life saving drugs. This practice is universally followed and SIUT was no exception. According to Dr. Sikander Ali Memon Chief Technical Officer & Coordinator for Covid in the Sindh Government, with 27 centers in the province of equipped with beds 403 in ICU and over a thousand in HDU ( High Dependency Unit) which performed clinical activities round the clock all along, the week has curtailed the number of Covid patients to minimum. The number of daily diagnosis of new cases has also reached very low in recent weeks bringing the decline in mortality rate sharply. There are more and adequate facilities to cater the patients now which unsurpassed in the country. During the pandemic, the SIUT which was actively involved in treating the Covid patients the institute tested 11,600 persons and treated 3500 patients since March. Elaborating the policy of resuming the transplantation activities a spokesman of SIUT said “we feel that time has come to provide urgent relief to patients who are on the waiting list”. The number of such patients is nearly 90 he pointed out.–PR