SIUT adopts robotic surgical facilities


Acquisition of two robotic surgical units at SIUT (Sind Institute of Urology and Transplantation) has been described as a major breakthrough on the country’s scene  of surgical sciences.

The introduction of units is a part of Institute efforts to provide state of the art facilities to its patients.

Introduction the program of a robotic surgery in a public sector hospital and that too free of cost is also termed as a major milestone as the treatment  is free of cost with follow up facilities.. Institute offers all its medical services to its patients  free of cost without any discrimination of cast, color, creed and religious beliefs as a part of its laid down policy.

According to medical sources  “robotic surgery is a surgery of next generation in the field of surgical sciences.

Surgical procedure performed under this technology is less painful, less loss of blood and faster recovery for patients. Patients in most of the cases be discharged in a very short time. Robotic platforms allows surgeons to perform complexed procedures with greater precision.

During first few robotic surgeries which were performed in recent days  has brought stellar results and now  procedure is taking place on daily basis.

The journey of using robotic surgery initially started in 2017  when SIUT in collaboration of Civil Hospital of Karachi but with the arrival of two units it is expected that this facility would enable the surgeons of the Institute to perform surgical procedure on a larger scale covering a wide range of ailments


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