Sirohey stresses implementation of Islamic teachings

Staff Reporter

While talking to the monthly ijlas of Shura Hamdard former Naval Chief Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey and other scholars of Shura Hamdard said that if we had implemented Islamic teachings and rules current circumstances would have been different.

Our Prophet (SAWW) presented constitution 1400 years ago, according to constitution of Pakistan no rule can be shaped and approved which is against Islamic Ideology.

18th amendment has not only ruined our constitution but also has denied Objectives Resolution.

We have to change our constitution according Islamic laws and implement them as well.

Allah has blessed Pakistani Nation with lots of qualities and abilities. In such circumstances no one can challenge our nation.

What if we bring the change and act according the teachings of Islam and to achieve goals set by our forefathers.


National president Shura Hamdard Sadia Rashid in her address said that Objectives Resolution was added to our constitution in 1985, its approval had set and described our goals, though we fail to implement and adopt it practically.

Thank God Pakistan is still firmly defending itself against all crises and it is obligatory for us to perform our duties and responsibilities with honesty and dedication.

In-spite of personal reasons we will have to work for the National interests and goals.

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